Idrottsgatan 25

A house at Idrottsgatan 25 in Falköping, a small town in south of Sweden, is for sale and the images circulate and are shared 300 000 times in social networks. Many people make fun of the cluttered interior and finally the photos reach Elisabet. She is very fascinated by them and wants to find out who lives in the house. With the photographer Alex Lindén, she takes the train to Falköping where they are warmly welcomed by Thomas and Katarina.
Idrottsgatan 25 is a warm and humorous film about the joy of collecting objects and finding beauty in things where many people don’t.
Duration: 14 min. World premier: Gothenburg Film Festival, January 2015
Camera: Alex Lindén f.s.f.    Editor: Philip Bergström   Music: Fort Fairfield 
Production: Maria Larsson Guerpillon/DFM