Let Us Dance

Let Us Dance  – Dance/experimental  (3:40 min, 2005)

Synopsis: Amateur rushes by Åke Franzon on super8 rushes from 1950-60 of folk dancers in various situations are edited with electronic music by Dr Rockit alias Matthew Herbert.
Distribution: Filmform, Stockholm   Award: Jury’s Special Award at the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte, Bergamo, Italy
Festivals: Femmina Film Festival/Norway; Queen’s Intl Filmfestival/ USA; Paris-Berlin Rencontres Intl/Paris; Krakow Intl Filmfestival; Paris Photo/Carousel du Louvre, Paris; www.tank.tv;  Musée des Beaux Arts /Caen, France; NOASS /Riga Latvia; Kulturhusnatten Stockholm;  VideoDanza/ Buenos Aires; Moving images in waiting rooms/SLL Stockholm, Ciné Nordica/Paris; Västerås Konsthall;  Cinéma 93/Paris.