Let Us Dance

Let Us Dance is a dance/art film where Elisabet has combined amateur rushes by Åke Franzon on super8 rushes from 1950-60 of folk dancers in various situations, with electronic music by Dr Rockit alias Matthew Herbert. The film that is distributed by Filmform, Stockholm, has been screened at a large amount of festivals world wide, and at different art  exhibitions as well as for small children in the Paris suburbs. Let Us Dance has also won the Jury’s Special Award at the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte i Bergamo, Italien. 2005. Durance: 3:40 min  Format: Super8/VHS/DV.

Festivals: Femmina Film Festival/Norway; Queen’s Intl Filmfestival/ USA; Paris-Berlin Rencontres Intl/Paris; Krakow Intl Filmfestival; Paris Photo/Carousel du Louvre, Paris; www.tank.tv;  Musée des Beaux Arts /Caen, France; NOASS /Riga Latvia; Kulturhusnatten Stockholm;  VideoDanza/ Buenos Aires; Moving images in waiting rooms/SLL Stockholm, Ciné Nordica/Paris; Västerås Konsthall;  Cinéma 93/Paris.