La 7ème Poule

La 7ème Poule/The 7th Pullet/Den 7e Hönan A French-Swedish short film (18 min, 2011)
Synopsis: An absurd and tragic-comic story about the bored and self-centred Mr B who dreams of acknowledgement from his fellow train passengers. The story of the seventh pullet comes to his rescue, for a while…
Written and directed by EG and based on the short novel The Seventh Pullet by Saki.
D.o.p: Alex Lindén   Cast: Cyril Couton and Bruno Paviot   Music: Leo Helldén and Hutch Demouillpied   Editor: Philp Bergström
Production: Marie Sonne-Jensen/La Voie Lactée, Paris and Maria Larsson Guerpillon/DFM, Stockholm
With the support from: France 2, SFI/Swedish Film Institute, the City of Strasbourg, Alsace Region, COSIP-CNC, Adami, PROCIREP-AGOA. Non-commercial distribution: Institut Français, Stockholm