Awaiting Examination


I väntan på examinering / Awaiting examination –  (9 min, 2009)
Synopsis: He is a vain hairdresser, she a rebellious butcher. They have both been summoned to the Ministry of Order for examination. The stylised acting and the stripped-down set design creates a claustrophobic mood where salvation lies in two extremes in combination.
Written and directed by EG  D.o.p.: Alex Lindén F.s.f.  Cast: Michael Jonsson, Oldoz Javidi, Marie Ahl.  Music: Leo Helldén.  
Production: Rebecka Hamberger /Fladenfilm and Maria Larsson Guerpillon/DFM. 
With the support of Swedish Film Institute and Konstnärsnämnden/Swedish Art Grants Committee
Festivaler: Göteborg FF/Startsladden,  Imaginaria Film festival/Italten, Shqip Film festival/Kosovo. Distribution: Reframe Collection/Tribeca Film Insitute och Filmmovement.